Playing Non League football - Season 21/22

I have been playing senior non-league football since I was around the age of 17. I have never been part of an academy and up until this season I had never won a senior (non league) trophy. I'm currently 31 so I'll let you do the maths on how long it took me lol. 


The funniest and more poignant thing is that before lock down I had decided to give up playing. I was done with the politics of football (managers having favourites, travelling long distances and only playing a few minutes etc). I have and will continue to experience it all (it's part of the game). It was a manager who called Matt Singh who got me to play again after nearly a whole season not playing. I was playing a much lower level than I was use to but I was enjoying. No egos just football. Long story short I joined Walthamstow FC under two managers who showed nothing but faith in me. In this crazy world we call non league football rule no.1 only play for a manager who believes in your ability. Rule no.2 hard work doesn't' equal instant rewards. 


I've finally managed to win a trophy but it isn't just the actions of today or this season that have lead me to do so. It was all those hours sat on the bench watching other teammates learning what to do and what not to do when I would get my chance, it was all those training session and years of playing for other teams and in different positions. Over 10 years of work for one moment, are you willing to work that hard and for that long with no guarantees? 

Those who answer yes, are already champions, those who say no will never be


  • Love it and love you micheal 💪💙🙏

    John mackie
  • Love it micheal 💙🙏💪 love you too💙

    John mackie

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